The Proud Farmers of Gujarat

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It was a proud moment for Mr. Rameshbhai Chhotabhai Patel to win ‘Best Innovative Activity’ award of the State Government. Mr. Devesh Patel, son of Mr. Rameshbhai, was the only person from Boriavi village in Anand district of Gujarat, selected among 18 young farmers all-over the India by the Indian Council for Agriculture Research (ICAR). The minimum qualification for selection was that the person has to be engaged in agricultural activity and also possesses a graduation degree. Mr. Devesh had also won ‘Agricultural National Award’ between 2010 and 2012. Further, he was honoured with ‘Jagjivanram Abhivandas Asian Award’ and ‘Sardar Patel Award’ from the State Government. Also, he had received state level ‘Atma Award’.



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Ginger takes a long !me before it is finally ready for the market. As a result, after toiling for nine months, when the !me comes for the sale of the crop, one is unable fetch enough price which can cover the cost of cul!va!on. The fluctua!on in prices being erra!c, making any projections about exact profit or loss is impossible. As a result, we had to harvest as and when the market showed an upward trend. This resulted in harvest at a premature stage, implying low yield in terms of weight, or overmature crop that resulted in lower prices. Also, waiting for the market to peak resulted in the loss of crop due to unfavorable weather conditions at !mes. This resulted in a feeling of utter helplessness.