Satva organic  , We are doing bio organic farming since 1992 in our village Boriavi Dist. anand in Gujarat state , Shardanjay bio organic farm since 1992 doing bio organic farming we believe reverence of nature , A land is our mother  so why we could use chemical fertilizer ?

After over 20 years of following these farming practices we have earned the national Organic Certification awarded by the Control Union Certifications NPOP, Govt. of India. 

We are doing Biodynamic organic farming spices & tuber crops & some vegetables and process food product of agriculture.

We are doing in organic potato, process potato, Ginger, Turmeric, Yam, elephant foot yam, chili, garlic.

We have also discovered that we have succeeded in:
Our organic farming practices is Certified Organic farming with low input & high output quality production. Value addition of all the crops is being undertaken with labor less technology, which saves the time, manpower & money.

An organic product process   we are produce a dehydration potato chips, dehydration ginger & ginger powder, dehydration turmeric & turmeric powder, dehydration chili, chili powder & tea masala.

These spices are freshly harvested & packaged, using carefully picked ingredients & solar dried to preserve the distinctive freshness & flavor.

I have developed own innovative mechanized processing machine, which has several advantages like it saves time in processing, utilization of limited man power whether it is skilled or unskilled labor and ultimately the budget is also reduced for production of processed material. This innovation for process of spices for polishing it is high output quality production.